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Miami, FL—Hotel heiress and celebrity socialite, Paris Hilton may now have to pay damages to the investors of her movie flop, National Lampoon’s Pledge This! Hilton may owe as much as $160,000, after she breached her contract, as reported by the Post Chronicle.

U.S. Judge Federico Moreno ruled in Miami that Hilton breached her contract when she refused to conduct interviews with publications in Russia and the United Kingdom.

Judge Federico said that Hilton could be held liable for a payout to the producers of Worldwide Entertainment Group Inc. Because of Hilton’s lack of promotion of the movie, she may owe as much as $160,000, which was assessed after valuing the lost promotional opportunities. But the judge will not finalize the amount until more information is provided on the terms of her contract.

As previously reported in, “Florida entertainment law news – Paris Hilton sued!” Hilton testified in a Miami federal courtroom on July 10, 2009, claiming not even her celebrity exposure could have saved the movie. According to her 2004 contract, Hilton was required to promote the movie, but the contract did not clearly state what exactly the “promoting” entailed, which left the contract requirements up for dispute. Hilton claims she did everything she could possibly do to promote the movie, including two high profile trips to France’s Cannes International Film Festival and she made an appearance at the Chicago premiere of Pledge This! in 2006.

In addition, court filings indicated that Hilton turned down interviews with British tabloids citing inappropriate questions, and refused to take off time during her trip to Japan for Motorola to promote the flick. Hilton adamantly fought back the allegations, stating she was unable to promote the movie in Japan because of contractual obligations, which legally bound her to solely promote for Motorola.

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