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FACTA Law and Identity Theft
How it Affects Your Business

ATLANTA, GA – September 30, 2010 — Identity Theft is the fastest growing white collar crime in America. The workplace is the site of over 52% off all identity theft and the FTC is holding businesses accountable for these breaches. You could be sued for actual damages, fined &become a defendant in a class action lawsuit.

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Employee customer information lost under the wrong set of circumstances may cost businesses

• Federal and State fines of $3500 per occurrence
• Civil liability of $1000 per occurrence
• Class-action lawsuits with no statutory limitation
• Responsible for actual losses of each individuals ($92,000 avg.)

What you as an employer must do to limit your liabilities…

• Set up reasonable steps to protect non-public information and personally identifiable information
• Help create a culture of security by implementing a regular schedule of employee training.
• Create a potential Affirmative Defense for your company
• Help protect employees and customer while decreasing your companies exposure and liability

Just like OSHA and the American Disabilities Act (HIPPA), FACTA compliance is not optional. All employers must start the compliance process and create an affirmative defense before a data breech, loss or theft affects your employees, customers/clients, students or patients. THERE ARE NO EXCLUSIONS OR EXCEPTIONS TO FACTA LAW.

Learn about FACTA Law and Identity Theft and how it affects your business from Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist Michael Campbell (CITRMS)

Mr. Campbell received his certification from the Institute of Fraud and Risk Management and has been involved with seminars nationally.

FACTA Law is MANDITORY for ALL businesses regardless of size or type of business.
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