Industry leader BluePay provides wireless, mobile, virtual and traditional credit card processing terminals through its Free Terminal Program.

CHICAGO – BluePay, a leading credit card processing company, provides multiple options for new merchants choosing a merchant account terminal. With BluePay’s Free Terminal Program, merchants new to accepting credit cards along with those who are switching credit card processors can sign up for BluePay services quickly and easily, as well as find a credit card terminal that best fits their needs and budget. Types of credit card terminals that BluePay offers include traditional credit card processing terminals, wireless terminals, mobile terminals and virtual terminals.

“BluePay’s payment processing solutions cater to a wide range of businesses in any industry,” said Director of BluePay, Kristen Gramigna. “No two businesses are alike, making each business’ needs completely unique. That’s why we offer various options for merchants choosing new credit card terminals. Different features and capabilities will benefit some businesses more or less than others. At BluePay, we’re here to help merchants determine the credit card terminal and processing services that will cut costs, improve profits and achieve business growth.”

Traditional credit card processing terminals are most often used at business establishments that deal mainly with face-to-face transactions, including retailers and restaurants. Basic versions have a magnetic stripe reader, a keypad and display screen, while more enhanced options include external PIN pads and gift card acceptance capabilities. Wireless terminals can be used to process credit cards at different locations, ideal for taxi drivers, food delivery and service repair workers. Mobile credit card processing has increased with the rise of handheld mobile devices, allowing merchants to accept payments from their phone. Virtual merchant terminals are used for e-commerce businesses that process transactions online.

Once merchants sign up for BluePay’s Free Merchant Terminal, they can get started easily with BluePay’s secure credit card processing services and choose from a wide range of compatible terminals.

“More and more consumers are relying on their credit cards and debit cards to make both large and everyday purchases,” said Gramigna. “By offering flexible payment options, merchants can expand their customer base, rather than limit the types of payment they accept. BluePay offers comprehensive solutions at low rates, complying with PCI standards to ensure security for businesses and consumers alike.”

About BluePay: Providing the highest level of data security in the industry, BluePay ( helps merchants in the U.S. and Canada to make payment processing simple and fast. BluePay is a full-service, Tier 1 credit card processor based in Naperville, Illinois, with offices and data centers located across the United States. The firm leverages extensive industry experience and a comprehensive suite of credit card merchant processing services to provide a complete system of credit card processing solutions with competitive rates. Follow BluePay on Twitter for company and credit card processing industry updates at

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