West Chester, Ohio- September 30, 2010 — www.SevenHabitsForHealthyWeightLoss.com. a website dedicated to helping people improve their long term health, has announced details concerning its upcoming health coaching program: The $10,000.00 healthy lifestyle challenge. Dennis Hart, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in West Chester Ohio, who owns and operates the website had this to say:

“What makes this program unique is its focus on long term health. It runs for a full year, so the winner won’t be the one who loses the most weight in the shortest amount of time, but rather the one who is able to demonstrate healthy weight loss and maintain these results for the long term. This is where most people struggle and it’s really the whole focus of my health coaching program. Giving clients the opportunity to win $10,000.00 is an incentive to keep them motivated and is a nice bonus, but the rewards associated with developing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle are the real prize. The potential to add years to your life and have more time with the ones you love is priceless.”

The program will be limited to the first 100 registrants and is scheduled to begin on January 1st 2011. Clients will receive personalized health coaching throughout the program in the form of phone chats and e-mail exchanges with their coach, as well as access to a member’s only area of the website. Client’s can sign up for the program or receive more information by visiting http://www.sevenhabitsforhealthyweightloss.com/the-1000000-healthy-lifestyle-challenge.html or contacting Dennis Hart directly.

Media Contact Information

Contact: Dennis Hart LPCC
Phone: 1-866-610-4659
e-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.sevenhabitsforthealthyweightloss.com

About Dennis Hart LPCC

Dennis is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of Ohio. He has been helping clients address life challenges since 1991. He added health coaching to his practice in 2003, but shares that he began to lay the foundation for this transition 30 years ago with his desire to create a healthier lifestyle for himself. Dennis has been educating himself on the ins and outs of healthy living ever since. While his knowledge and understanding related to healthy living are impressive, it is his passion for helping others, paired with his background as a clinical counselor, which make him uniquely qualified to challenge patterns of ineffective thinking, breaking through the mental and emotional roadblocks which contribute to poor health and prevent long term success.br /> About Seven Habits for Healthy Weight Loss

SSevenHabitsForHealthyWeightloss.com was created to help client’s overcome the cognitive and emotional hurdles which tend to get in the way of long term weight loss and healthy living. For those interested in ongoing personalized support, the website offers a variety of health coaching programs, all of which include access to a member’s only area. The website provides information and tools for creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as calculators to determine BMI, Body fat, and metabolic rates, as well as a comprehensive nutritional database to help identify the nutritional value of that muffin you ate at breakfast.