After trying many different ways to quit. Katherine Finally did by using the Vapor Stick.

Katherine Heigl appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman on September 27th, and talked about how she wants to live a healthier lifestyle. She is now a mom, and she explained on the show that she wants to kick the habit of smoking.

Heigl said that she tried to quit by using different methods and quit smoking products but was not successful in her attempts. She adopted a one and a half year old girl from South Korea only last year, and really wants to quit, so she can be in a healthy environment.

She said she was introduced to the vapor stick four months ago, and has made the switch to this new device. “We are pleased that the word about e-cigarettes is finally spreading, and are thankful to Katherine Heigl for motivating so many people across the country to finally quit smoking,” said Julia Alexander of E-Cigarette Source (

“Electronic Cigarettes have been popular for quite some now, and many people have used them to quit smoking in the past. To see such a big celebrity name actually show it off, and promote it on national television, shows that E-Cigarettes have arrived and are here to stay,” said Alexander.

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