/EINPresswire.com/ Human Rights Watch Laos requests the attention of H.E. Mr Joseph Deiss, President of General Assembly of 65th session and H.E. Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nation to persuade:

1.The Lao PDR to implement a free and fair and multiparty election scheduled to be held in 2012 by requesting a “fully democratic electoral system” under international monitoring with a focus on national reconciliation.

2.The Socialist Republic of Vietnam government to withdraw the 80,000 Vietnamese soldiers from Laos. The Vietnamese government’s plan to establish a “greater” Vietnam by influencing and controlling its neighbouring countries is seen as a violation of Laos’ national sovereignty and integrity as a nation. This plan is believed to be in action as it is currently being carried out by the existing “puppet” Lao party leaders to the Hanoi government as noted in the paper presented at the National Conference in 2007 by Michael Mike, “Vietnam’s Tay Tien expansion into Laos and Cambodia” , which outlined the neo-colonizing of Laos.

3.The Lao PDR to cease the ethnic cleansing of the country as stated by the Lao Hmong Human Rights Council in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The office representative, Vaughn Vang, reported that “… another hunter-killer unit of the LPA has been ambushing and attacking Hmong groups in-hiding in Phoua Da Phao area daily. [The] Lao Government troops are using ethnic cleansing and mass starvation strategies against Lao and Hmong civilian and dissident groups in-hiding and have destroyed much of the food storage and many of the mountain villages. Currently there are few places to hide and little or no food available to these Lao Hmong groups in-hiding; and the LPDR regime in Laos and LPA are seeking to continue to starve to death many thousands of Lao and Hmong civilians and religious and political dissidents.”

Best Regards,
Bounkhong Arounsavat
President of Human Rights Watch Laos

Canberra 2 October 2010