The Canadian-U.S. medical facilitator company, MTY, creates another alliance for CCSVI treatment for MS Liberation Procedure patients. MTY’s American Director and Merida, Yucatan resident Alan Graham announces the establishment of the consumer-focused partnership featuring a team of English-fluent Cardiologists. Internationally trained Dr. Alejandro Diaz Cabanas and Dr. Sergio Villarreal Umana are at the forefront of invasive and interventional cardiology. MTY offers all-inclusive services for Canadians and Americans to Merida, Yucatan for this procedure. The special packages include all medical and non-medical arrangements, excluding airfare, at a fixed price of $9800 U.S.

“I can’t imagine why any MS patient would make the unwise decision to fly all the way to Europe or India and risk thrombosis before their procedure – or even think about traveling to a border town in this day and age – when Merida is such a quick, safe trip,” asserts MTY Associate Director and Canadian Heather Moreau who lives in Merida.

Dr. Diaz declares, “Liberation Treatment is a very simple medical procedure that provides immediate results in most patients. We are happy that our extensive cardiovascular experience and training provides the opportunity to offer this uncomplicated procedure to our fellow North Americans suffering from CCSVI.”

The Liberation Procedure for Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) was first undertaken by Dr. Paolo Zamboni of the University of Ferrara, Italy whose wife has multiple sclerosis. Zamboni discovered the role of blocked veins in causing the debilitation in MS patients. His research and subsequent treatment showed that MS afflictions could be lessened with a relatively simple – and low risk – angioplasty procedure.

Graham stresses, “Living here and evaluating the doctors personally is a big plus for patient-consumers. Multiple Sclerosis patients arriving in Merida under the care of MTY’s new team of cardiologists can be assured of the highest level of quality care.”

For more information contact:
Alan Graham
Founder & Director
Medical Traveler Yucatan (MTY)
Calle 26, No. 199 x 15 y7
Altabrisa, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
504.655.0236 (US – CAN – MEX) / 999.143.3432 (MEX)
[email protected]

Alan Graham is an ex-pat living and working in Merida, Yucatan as Founder and Director of MEDICAL TRAVELER YUCATAN (MTY). As a principal researcher and project manager at Tulane University, he created and was executive director of a non-profit organization focusing on alternative solutions in society. He has benefited from 100% of his medical care in Merida for the past 6 years.


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