Finally, there’s a hassle-free way for any advertiser, regardless of size, to learn how to advertise online and get easy access to web traffic. AdShuffle Exchange makes the process of finding and buying ad space on prime sites or budget-friendly remnant inventory quick, simple and straightforward.

Dallas, TX — In response to an increasing demand for a simplified way for businesses to bid on and buy online ad space, AdShuffle announces the launch of AdShuffle Exchange. For a limited time, new AdShuffle Exchange customers will get a Starter Kit for only $99 (a $500 value) – with everything any advertiser needs to buy traffic and advertise online.

The kit includes The 10 Secrets to Online Advertising (an insider’s guide full of online advertising tips), a $50 sign-up credit to start buying web traffic with right away, and a live consultation with online marketing experts to help with every step of the online marketing process – from creating an online marketing strategy to finding and bidding on ad space to setting up online banner campaigns and analyzing performance data.

Many businesses today ask: Should I advertise online? Or they know they want to advertise on the web – they’re just not sure about how to get started with Internet advertising.

Online advertising can help businesses reach more customers, build brand awareness and measure marketing spend ROI more effectively than traditional advertising (like print, broadcast and direct mail). Smart businesses know that in order to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace they must be where their customers are – online.

“Advertising online opens a whole new world of customers. With AdShuffle Exchange, even a small marketing budget can make a big impact,” states Ruben Buell, CEO of AdShuffle.

“We’ve made it incredibly simple for anyone, regardless of the size of their business or their budget, to buy web traffic and have ads up and running in less than 5 minutes,” adds Buell.

AdShuffle Exchange’s industry-leading real-time architecture means that advertisers get the relevant, real-time data they need in order to advertise online successfully. And AdShuffle’s automatic optimization automatically adjusts every ad campaign to ensure results align with goals, and directs more traffic to better performing creative and landing pages.

Ad bidding is in real time, so advertisers pay only what the market demands at the time of the auction. The result is better conversion rates at no additional cost.

“Advertisers no longer have to shop around for web traffic. AdShuffle Exchange makes the entire process simple and amazingly quick,” Buell explains.

AdShuffle Exchange is the world’s easiest way to advertise online. Its real-time bidding exchange platform makes the process of finding and buying ad space quick and simple. And because it’s an exchange and an ad server all in one, advertisers get access to all of AdShuffle’s great core features – like real-time reporting, automatic optimization, world-class customer support and free ad serving on all the ad space purchased through the exchange. Whether a company is big, small or somewhere in-between, and whether it’s new to web advertising or a seasoned pro, AdShuffle Exchange will give them the competitive edge they need to get – and stay – ahead of the competition.

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