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U.S. – New research may show promise in the use of a brain cancer vaccine in the treatment of patients. As reported by HealthDay News, researchers from Duke University Medical Center and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center conducted a study on a small group of brain cancer patients and found that the addition of a new vaccine in treatment may help extend the survival rates of patients with a deadly form of the disease.

Dr. John Sampson, a professor of neurosurgery at Duke University Medical Center, is quoted in the report as stating in a Duke news release, “About a third of all glioblastomas are fueled by a very aggressive cancer gene, called EGFRvIII; these tumors are the worst of the worst.”

Dr. Amy Heimberger, co-lead investigator from M.D. Anderson, is further quoted as stating that the findings show an immune response stimulated by the vaccine in most patients, “but the numbers are so small that we cannot conclude this with any degree of certainty.”

More information about the study may be available in the online publication of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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