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Birmingham, Alabama – Outspoken atheist author Christopher Hitchens, recently stated he will not be participating in a prayer event to be held in his honor. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Christopher Hitchens, who is battling esophageal cancer, recently discussed his indifference to the call to pray for him during “Everybody Pray for Hitchens Day” on Monday.

Hitchens, who has authored several books and essays, is quoted by the AP as stating of declining an invitation to make an appearance at a prayer service in Washington on Monday, “I’m perfectly sure that there is nothing to be gained from it in point of my health, but perhaps I shouldn’t even say that. If it would do something for my morale possibly it would do something for my health. We all know that morale is an element in recovery… But incantations, I don’t think, have any effect on the material world.”

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