Foundation Financial Group adding positions statewide

CHARLOTTE, NC — Foundation Financial Group, enjoying a surge in business, announced it will create 85 new positions this quarter, and 85 more next quarter. However, quality new hires are hard to find, the mortgage lender says, and staffing needs are slowing growth potential.

“Foundation Financial Group seeks to reduce unemployment in the states where we do business for those who want to work hard and do what we do,” said James S. Brodsky, senior vice president, Human Resources. “Our company provides great loans to good borrowers that perform well for our investors.”

Foundation Financial Group’s DNA is unique. The company looks for employees who have a “blue-collar work ethic,” which the company describes as a desire to give 100 percent every day to provide quality, speed and efficiency to every loan. By living a blue-collar workday, Foundation Financial Group employees enjoy a rewarding lifestyle, the company says.

Foundation Financial Group requires applicants to meet its ethical and work ethic standards, which the company considers key to its success. With outstanding customer service, Foundation Financial Group helps consumers reach their financial goals unusually quickly by closing an average loan in only 16.72 calendar days. The typical industry time span is about 45 business days, according to Mark W. Boyer, executive vice president.

“In this tough economy, it is hard to imagine that any company would have a difficult time recruiting new employees,” Brodsky said. “At Foundation Financial Group, we are offering competitive salaries, plus commissions, great benefits and access to our 401(k) plan. This is our way of attracting the best candidates who meet Foundation Financial Group’s strict background and credit requirements for state licensing.”

Foundation Financial Group says it invests about $7,780 on each employee in fringe benefits, in addition to its executive and management training programs.

Today, Foundation Financial Group executives are accepting applications for 28 openings in Atlanta, Ga., 25 in Charlotte, N.C., 20 in Raleigh, N.C., and 12 in Jacksonville, Fla. These openings include entry-level and high-wage positions as sales professionals, telemarketers, sales managers and licensed loan officers. With the company’s steady growth, Foundation Financial Group plans to create the same number of jobs again for each of its four centers by the end of 2010.

Despite a slow-moving market with the lowest level of home sales in a decade, according to the National Association of Realtors, Foundation Financial Group is experiencing standout success. From January 2010 to present, Foundation Financial Group grew by 7.76 percent over last year’s figures, despite an industry-wide drop of 26 percent, according to

Foundation Financial Group will also hire for additional positions after opening a fifth center in New York State in early 2011.

Qualified and interested applicants may apply online with Foundation Financial Group at

Established in 1998, Foundation Financial Group is a full-service, residential mortgage lender licensed in 30 states. Foundation Financial Group is currently hiring at its five major centers across America including Atlanta, Ga.; Charlotte, N.C.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Raleigh, N.C.; and Savannah, Ga. Foundation Financial Group is one of the nation’s fastest growing lenders, funding more than $2 billion in loans since 2004. Foundation Financial Group enjoys an industry-leading Federal Housing Administration compare ratio and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the highest accreditation the BBB gives. For more information, call 866-334-1001 or go to

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