Muslim Response launches its second video to aid as a deterrent for any future hurtful campaigns surrounding “Everybody draw Mohammed day”.

Ottawa & Toronto, Canada ON – A cartoonist from a small neighborhood in Seattle proposed May 20th – as ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day’ which inspired a Facebook page where thousands answered the call to action. Although the perpetrator later apologized, many others continued on the mission of degrading the Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Blessings upon him) as a knee jerk reaction to upholding the Freedom of Speech.

Muslim Response, a mainstream Muslim voice will counter misconceptions surrounding this topic through its new video release on Oct 12, 2010 on their website, Facebook and other social media sites – entitled ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed Day – A Muslim Response’. We are taking an active stance from now by releasing a video on the above campaign to aid as a deterrent for any future events surrounding the topic.

We believe the above campaign left many bewildered, not completely sure why the Muslim population framed the event as ‘an attack’ on Islam and Muslims in general. We aim through this new release to encourage an active and positive Muslim stance in refuting the negative campaign; so as to encourage discourse and mutual respect amongst opposing viewpoints. Our video also aims to bring clarity around this issue, giving people a crystal clear glimpse of the Muslim psyche, clarifying why this event was deciphered by Muslims as akin to an attack on the identity of Muslims, who strive to emulate Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings upon him) as the ultimate universal role model.

The team believes there is common ground in understanding the Principles defining Freedom of Speech in the Secular and Muslim perspectives. However, certain sensitivities be they religious, racial, or national should be respected in order to enable an environment nurturing effective discourse, leading to if not mutual agreement, at least mutual respect of another’s differing viewpoints.

Muslim Response in this stance emulates the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing upon him), who urged Muslims to respond to any harshness with kindness first, and through positive engagement. We thus challenge you to positively engage with Muslims, in order to understand their religious heritage defined by the Qur’an and the teachings of our Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings upon him), before partaking in any such future initiatives. Even when you may beg to differ, this effort in engagement is a victory itself, in fostering inter-community dialogue.

We would like to direct your attention towards Michael H. Hart’s 1992 book ‘The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History’, in which the author places the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings upon him) first on the list with the assertion that he was ‘supremely successful’ in both the religious and secular realms.

In conclusion, through our latest video effort, Muslim Response presents to the public how one figure continues to inspire each successive generation of Muslims for a millennium and a half in all areas of life – be it social, economical, political or religious.

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