Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers Sponsors Youth Football League, Touched by Heartwarming Touchdown Tale

The Dallas Injury attorneys of Eberstein & Witherite commend the Broncos of the Seagoville Youth Sports Association flag football league for a recent heartwarming lesson in team sportsmanship.
Dallas, TX A recent Dallas Morning News story titled “Seagoville boy wins hearts with touchdown run” helps give credence to the old adage that “it’s not about winning; it’s how you play the game.” The story, which details a recent game in which a child who suffers from a rare chromosome disorder was given the opportunity to score a memorable touchdown for the youth flag football team he is sideline manager for, has prompted the personal injury attorneys of Eberstein & Witherite to offer commendations to the players and coaches in the league for their heartwarming lesson in team sportsmanship.
A Proud Moment for the Community
The Dallas based personal injury law firm Eberstein & Witherite, LLP sponsors the Broncos, the squad in the Seagoville Youth Sports Association flag football league, which gave 8 year-old Blake Skeen the chance to suit up for his shining moment. Blake has reportedly suffered with numerous health challenges since birth, even almost losing his life due to the disorder, but is now in better health and able to participate in more activities that interest him. Terrence Eafon, assistant coach of the Broncos, is quoted in the Dallas Morning News report as stating of Blake, “He’s at practice all the time, and he’s a good emotional starter for us… The kids rally for him.”
The firm says the recent story about his chance to achieve his goal of scoring a touchdown made them proud to lend their support to the team by providing uniforms, and deems their act a proud moment for not only the team, but for the entire community.
Jason Judkins, head coach of the Patriots, who cooperated with the Broncos efforts in getting his team to support Blake, is quoted in the Dallas Morning News report as stating, “I told them this is a special play…I said, ‘Let’s let this little boy get his touchdown.’… It’s a good team sports moral lesson.”
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