Dallas, Texas – Press Release – National online printing leader Print Pelican discusses ways in which printing should help support a company’s bottom line.

October 13, 2010 – In today’s marketing climate, where Internet based mediums like social media have taken a prominent position with regards to the dissemination of valuable information, many may be inclined to fail to recognize the importance of printing for businesses and professionals everywhere. National leader in online printing, Print Pelican has outlined key points companies should consider in understanding the value of printing to their bottom line.

A Key Component

Printing is a key component in not only the successful operations of a nonprofit, business, corporation, professional firm, or other entity, but also when it comes to marketing and promotions of their products, services, or ideas. Print Pelican has outlined the following three primary reasons why, to help companies understand the place of printing in a market that seems centered on online news distribution.

•There’s Room for More Than One Outlet – History has shown that multiple marketing outlets help reach a broader target audience base than reliance on just one. Printing has for decades been highly useful in reaching audiences because printed materials are unparalleled in their ability to allow consumers to receive messages contained on them at their convenience, as well as see them displayed in a wide range of places.

•Printing Caters to the Needs of Convenience Seekers – Printed materials also make presentations when a company representative is not available or is unable to provide a mass number of consumers with a formal presentation about their offerings.

•Printing is Better for Business – Printing provides some things that some online resources are unable to in their entirety. For example, a quality, customized business card not only gives a potential customer or client a means of further contact, it also provides them with an initial impression of a company’s professionalism and dedication to quality. Printed materials can also be used for distributing messages when there are not opportunities to log on to a computer, or more personalized information sharing is warranted. This opens up a broader range of possibilities for printing’s use.

About Print Pelican

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