/EINPresswire.com/ 14 October 2010: Tradency Inc., the creator of advanced technology for online forex trading, today announced the launch of a new partnership with Japanese broker FXTF (FXTrade Financial Co., Ltd.).

Tradency’s new partnership with FXTF increases its presence in the Japanese market and extends its portfolio of relationships with leading forex brokers internationally. It signals the latest stage in the company’s ongoing programme of developing partnerships with a range of brokers, which has escalated since the launch of its new mirror trading platform in July this year.

The start of this partnership with FXTF has been marked by the roll-out of Tradency’s new mirror trading platform on FXTF. The platform introduces traders using FXTF to the mirror trading concept, originated by Tradency, which gives traders a gateway to a wide range of qualified and tested Forex trading strategies.

The new platform takes the mirror trading concept to the next level with a range of advanced new features that provide traders with enhanced clarity, versatility, flexibility and ease of use. It allows traders to ‘mirror’ and instantly apply strategies that have been developed by other experienced Forex traders. Traders can switch between strategies, open, close or modify individual trading positions, or choose to shift from mirror trading to manual trading on this one platform.

Clarity is delivered with the platform’s new user-friendly graphical interface and rich graphic indicators, which have been designed to make reading and analyzing data as clear as possible. Accuracy is enhanced using the Smart Filter tool, which is designed to identify suitable strategies according to users’ specific trading criteria. Strategy cards provide performance details and updates on individual strategies to help users choose the strategies they prefer. Also, new to the platform is a strategy scoring system called “T-Score”, specially developed by Tradency. The “T-Score” analyzes each strategy’s performance, paying extra attention to the risks and rewards, and how well it adjusts to changes in the market. A high “T-Score” indicates that strategies are performing well under current market conditions.

Together these features give users clearer, more accurate and up-to-date information about the trading strategies so they can make more educated trading decisions.

Lior Nabat, President and CEO of Tradency says, “Tradency is delighted to launch our partnership with FXTF and extend our reach into Japan’s dyanamic forex trading industry. We believe that our mirror trading platform represents a leap forward in forex trading technology that offers great benefits to traders. Our new partners at FXTF understand and appreciate these benefits and welcome the introduction of this innovative trading methodology. Tradency is excited to be working with FXTF and we hope this signals the start of a long and fruitful relationship with them.”

Yasuharu Tsuru, CEO , Representative Director of FXTF said, “FXTF is committed to offering our customers innovative ways to help them trade simply and clearly, and to improve the trading experience for them. Tradency has a record of developing great tools that we believe will help us achieve this because they respond to traders’ requirements. So, Tradency’s approach fits ours at FXTF and teaming up with them is a logical choice. We welcome the launch of our partnership with Tradency and we are excited that their mirror trading technology is now available for our customers.”

Tradency’s mirror trading technology is now live on FXTF.

For further information about Tradency, please contact Darryl Egnal at Koteret Group: [email protected] or Adam Murray at Koteret Group: [email protected]

About Tradency

Tradency Inc. is the developer and originator of Mirror Trading technology, which enables traders in foreign exchange to automatically evaluate and adopt global strategies. Tradency works with senior brokers from around the world. Tradency provides users with an analysis of the performance of trading strategies that attempts to be the most transparent in the sector. Tradency’s Mirror Trading platform offers traders a flexible choice of combining its ground-breaking approach with traditional online trading methods. Since its inception in 2005, Tradency has pioneered this new method, creating a new category of platform trading. Tradency continues to innovate its services, reinforcing its reputation as the creator of cutting-edge industry practice.


About FXTF (FXTrade Financial Co., Ltd.)

FXTrade Financial was renewed and reopened by Directors with more than 20years of experience in the banking field in October 2008.

FXTrade Financial is a leading and innovative FX broker in Japan offering both FX Margin Trading and Binary Options.

Our achievement is to play a leading role in the foreign exchange retail business by providing stable and transparence trading opportunities to attract a great number of investors to participate with security.