Flexible, definite and low risk are the attributes attached with pay per click or PPC advertising says Qamar Zaman a SEO engineer. For those who are unfamiliar with PPC, these are the listings that appear on the right side or on the top section of the search engine results page. These are short excerpts that send a message to the viewers telling them these ads have the information desired by the them. Unlike organic SEO, PPC has cost attached to it. If done wisely PPC can turn into a cheap, yet high result generating tool.

People not familiar with sponsored listing usually mistake these for being the top ranking SEO sites when the PPC results appear on the top of the search engine results page.

Attributes attached with PPC campaigns are:

a)Fast results

Once a PPC advertisement is set up and is up and running on the internet, the advertiser can get instant results. The advertiser can measure the results with every click that is made on the sponsored listing

b)Fast and easy set up

With PPC setup, no rocket science is involved. Keyword selection, that is, targeted keywords are important. Careful research has to be done for selecting keywords that would lead the web visitors to the website. The pay per click bid will determine your position on the SERP. To reach a conclusion on keywords, find out which keywords are being targeted by your competition. Research, do not follow your instincts to lead your PPC campaign to a success.

Remarked Qamar Zaman PPC can prove expensive. Your competition is out there and would probably be on the same page as far as search engine marketing is concerned and would like to burn your advertising dollar fast to push you away. The disadvantages of PPC requires careful handling of your price bids and the selection of targeted keywords.

It is but natural that you will too, be studying what your competition is doing on the internet, what means of online marketing are being used by them and the keywords that are being targeted by them to gain prominent visibility on the internet.

In short, with all the disadvantages of PPC, it remains to be the fastest, the easiest and the ethical way of gaining immediate visibility on the search engine.

Contributed by Qamar Zaman