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New York, NY—Concerned doctors have begun warning the public of dangers posed by an alcoholic energy drink, called Four Loko. The drink, sometimes referred to as “blackout in a can” or “liquid cocaine,” has landed dozens in the hospital and apparently played a role in the malicious anti-gay attacks that took place in the Bronx at the beginning of the month, according to information provided by ABC News and WPIX.

“I’ve not seen one alcoholic beverage create this many problems this early on… People come in vomiting, unconscious… with a loss of gag reflex. My concern is when someone gets to the point of intoxication they can actually die,” explained Dr. Mike Reihart of Pennsylvania-based Lancaster General Hospital.

Four Loko is a 23-ounce concoction of fruity flavors, caffeine and alcohol. The potentially lethal brew contains 12 percent alcohol, which is equivalent to approximately six beers.

Dr. Reihart contended that during a span of a few weeks, he saw around six or so patients in Lancaster General’s ER every weekend, all of whom consumed Four Loko prior to their visits. “Some of the patients that I’ve had, trying to get to that mythical four, usually pass out around three because they’ve ingested about 18 beers,” Reihart noted.

After around 24 students were hospitalized for Four Loko-induced alcohol poisoning at the start of the fall semester, New Jersey-based Ramapo College banned the drink.

Even reports concerning recent anti-gay attacks in the Bronx made reference to Four Loko. According to the New York Times and updated coverage by the Associated Press, 10 Bronx men were arrested after attacking three people, whom they believed to be gay. At one point, the potent drink was practically utilized as a weapon against the eldest victim.

The assailants were members of a gang called the Latin King Goonies and ranged from 16 to 23 years of age. On October 3, 2010, the men attacked two teenagers and a 30-year-old man, notably forcing the adult male to drink 10 cans of Four Loko. The attackers also reportedly beat the inebriated man with a chain and proceeded to sodomize him with a miniature baseball bat. While the victim apparently has little recollection of the horrific attack, he miraculously survived.

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