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10/08/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Willow Grove, PA—An unemployed woman was arraigned on charges of theft, forgery and tampering with records after she pretended to have cancer as a means of financing her social life. The Willow Grove woman allegedly solicited donations to treat her bogus cancer and even planned a personal fundraiser during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as reported by the Philadelphia Daily News.

According to Upper Moreland Township Police Chief Thomas Nestel, 26-year-old Alicia Tolton falsely informed friends and family members that she was suffering from breast and ovarian cancer. Tolton allegedly announced her fake condition during the summer, claiming she had been diagnosed 18 months before.

Police reported Tolton then went on to petition for donations via Facebook and another page, which she titled “Wishes for Alicia.” She even went as far as planning a beef-and-beer benefit to collect donations she contended would help pay for her medical bills. The fundraiser was scheduled for October 17, right in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Nonetheless, Tolton’s relatives recently became skeptical of her claims. When her family members offered to help pay for her “treatment,” Tolton presented family members with fabricated invoices and receipts.

Her relatives subsequently notified Upper Moreland Police of her suspicious actions. Officials then managed to lure her to the police station by claiming the Upper Moreland Police Benevolent Association wished to give her a donation.

“When she was confronted, she gave it up… It just goes to show how bold and absolutely selfish she was that she’d walk into a police station to accept a donation for her fake cancer,” said Nestel.

Authorities stated they were able to track $1,000 in donations that Tolton wrongly accepted. However, police are expected to look into the possibility that she might have obtained tens of thousands of dollars through additional donations.

Nestel, who described Tolton as a “very social person,” noted that video surveillance is proof that she used an unspecified portion of those donations at bars and Eagles games. “She was basically subsidizing her social life,” Nestel added.

Tolton is reportedly taken into custody and was detained on $25,000 bail for her fake cancer scam, as well as violation of her probation for a previous drug-related charge.

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