Equine nutritional consultant, Dr. Amy M. Gill is announcing her line of horse health supplements: Equi-Force. Formulated to help alleviate clinical symptoms of injured or ill horses and strengthen the overall health of all horses, these supplements are now easily accessible through the Equiforce.com website.

Horse owners and trainers have something better to supplement their prized horses with thanks to Dr. Amy M. Gill. Dr. Gill has developed a line of nutritional horse health supplements that help to promote optimal health in all classes of horses. Equi-Force is now available for purchase online.

Dr. Gill developed the supplements after much demand from her clients. As an equine nutrition consultant, she saw equine athletes suffer from bone health issues, immunity disorders, metabolic disorders and exercise related disorders that are often the direct result of being trained hard at an early age. Most supplements on the market only provide a fraction of the nutritional values needed to help combat these disorders and are therefore not very effective. Equi-Force supplements, on the other hand, are specially formulated to help promote optimal health and alleviate symptoms of common disorders.

“As humans, we take a good deal of time in caring for our health and making sure that what we put in our bodies will work effectively—that nutrients we take will help improve our health and energy and possibly even prevent disease. It should not be any different with horses or any animal for that matter,” says Dr. Amy M. Gill. “We should take the same initiative in care for horses as we would for ourselves.”

Equi-Force supplements are separated into six product categories:
•Energy Fuels for all horses as well as those who cannot process starches and sugars
•Immune Support, to activate white blood cells to fight infections
•Joint and Bone Support to build cartilage and increase bone density
•Metabolic Support, to manage insulin resistance and Cushing’s Disease
•Omega 3Fatty Acids, which helps reduce inflammation and increase immune response
•Vitamins and Minerals for those individuals who require more than the base diet provides

“If you improve the overall health of the horse through enhanced nutrition, often the symptoms of disorders will diminish or even disappear and the horses will perform better. These horse health supplements are targeted nutrients that are aimed at helping the horse help itself get and stay healthy,” continues Gill.

To learn more about Equi-Force and read product reviews, please visit equiforce.com.

About Equi-Force
Equi-Force was developed by Dr. Amy M. Gill, a horse nutrition consultant. With over 30 years’ experience working with equines, she has been enlisted to consult on farms, provided educational seminars, produce a television series with Cargill Animal Nutrition for RFD-TV, and works with feed manufacturers such as Cargill Animal Nutrition, Alltech, Inc., Triple Crown Nutrition, and many more. Gill continues to work with owners and trainers to improve overall health through horse health supplements and guided training.

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