is now offering free FedEx ground shipping on a top seller for small spaces. Now yachters, RV owners, apartment dwellers, professional and home cooks, and entertaining specialists can easily purchase a Fagor portable induction cooktop online and save.

It was featured in Milwaukee Home Fine Living and in Kitchens & Baths as one of the best new green products for the home in 2009. It looks ultra-modern, works beautifully as a countertop appliance, and can now be purchased from with free FedEx ground shipping. What is it? It’s the Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop.

Available from the online store that specializes in easy-living, eco-friendly appliances designed for small spaces, the Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop seems to work as if by magic. Induction heating means there are no flames and efficient use of energy—ninety percent of the energy this ceramic cooktop produces is used, so no more uncomfortably hot RV or yacht kitchen. It’s safe too, since the surface surrounding the pot remains cool to the touch.

“We just think this is a great all-around product, and we’re eager to get it into our customers’ hands,” reports Ralph Kettling, co-founder and managing director of the small-space appliances resource. “It’s easy to clean, looks good, takes up very little space—as with all of our ceramic cooktop models and, in fact, all appliances in our Website—and it provides the kind of flexibility our customers are looking for in a cooking option,” he says.

In addition to the Fagor cooktop, offers ceramic cooktops from Contoure, Kenyon and Avanti, all representing the latest and best in new-tech, eco-friendly food prep solutions, all competitively priced. The current offering of free FedEx ground shipping on this popular brand of induction cooktop makes it even more affordable and easy to obtain.

“This particular ceramic cooktop is getting used in many ways, and all around the world, by land and by sea! Chefs use it in cooking demonstrations. Caterers use it at wedding receptions. Young professionals use it in their apartments. Boating enthusiasts find it an excellent cooking appliance for the galley kitchen … Also sail boat enthusiasts and others might find our Alcohol Stoves both useful and boater friendly. Basically, if you need to cook in a small space and want a safe, efficient and affordable option, this is the way to go,” explains Kettling.

More details about the Fagor induction cooktop and other appliances designed for cozy quarters can be found at the website.

About sells appliances that support a high quality lifestyle in a small living space. Through personal experience with their own boat and vacation home, the founders were convinced that just because the area was compact, you shouldn’t have to settle for subpar performance in appliances. They set out to find the best products and now offer them on their website. They also help contractors source small appliances based upon client specifications and requirements. is dedicated to finding the best value and cost-effective options for their customers.

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