This October, in honor of all women and families affected by breast cancer, Gedalias is announcing their offering of goat sausage as a less fatty and healthier alternative to pork. A low fat diet can reduce the chances of producing more estrogen in fatty cells. Gedalias is making eating a diet lower in fat more delicious.

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, Gedalias wants to help women lower their chances of breast cancer with goat sausage. The link between the increased production of estrogen in fatty cells has spurred Gedalias to offer goat meat to the public since it is healthier and lower in fat than most other meat choices.

Doctors recommend maintaining a healthy weight as well as limiting fat from diets, among staying active, and limiting alcohol as ways to prevent breast cancer. The decrease in fat decreases the risk of invasive breast cancer. Goat meat just happens to have lower fat than even chicken, making it a great substitute.

“Simple things like eating goat sausage for breakfast instead of pork sausage or even bacon are small ways women (and even men) can help prevent breast cancer and other diseases,” says Lee Feigon with Gedalias. “Our customers who buy goat meat are already reaping the benefits of a healthier diet.”

Goat meat is lower in calories, fat, and saturated fat than chicken, beef, pork, and lamb. This lean meat helps promote a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing delicious foods. Those concerned with lowering cholesterol for heart health, among a long list of other conditions, should buy goat meat for its many health benefits.

“For those new to goat meat, we have recipes on our website to get you started. It’s really rather simple. Just prepare and cook like you would chicken, pork, or beef. Many find that they like goat meat better anyway. Its win-win for their taste buds and the body,” continues Feigon.

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Gedalias Company raises goat meat for sale on 1400 acres in Northern Maine. As the largest goat farm in the Northeast, they pride themselves in providing all natural goat meat to the public looking to buy goat meat to make their meals a little healthier.

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