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Memphis, TN—A commercial pilot is taking time off work and seeking legal counsel after he refused to walk through a full-body scanner at Memphis International Airport, as reported by WMCTV. The pilot, who declined a pat-down as well, maintained that while airport security is indeed imperative, a system that does not infringe upon individuals privacy or civil rights should be established.

According to Michael Roberts, “I did exactly what I’ve done for the last four-and-a-half years to get to work, but this time they wanted to put their hands on me… They wanted me to take off my shoes and go through the scanner, and I told them I didn’t want to go through the scanner.”

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents then told him he would need to go through a secondary screening to pass through security, a pat-down.

He also rejected the secondary screening. “The bottom line is, I’m not especially comfortable with being frisked by an agent of the federal government everyday on my way to work,” the ExpressJet Airlines pilot said.

After the incident, TSA agents asked Roberts for his driver’s license, supervisor’s name, and ExpressJet Airline’s phone number, informing him that they would be filing a report with the Transportation Security Operations Center.

A TSA spokesperson explained their screening policy as follows:

“Advanced imaging technology is optional for all passengers. Passengers who decline to be screened using advanced imagining technology will receive alternative screening to ensure the safety of the traveling public. Anyone who refuses screening will be denied access to the secure area.”

“Evidently they saw my discomfort with the situation as a threat to airport security,” Roberts added. Reports did not specify what actions Robert planned to take in connection with the incident.

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