“I’ve been managing this blog for quite some time, and each year, the number of page views my blog receives goes up by leaps and bounds,” said Christensen, when reached for comment. “You can visit Google Trends and see that it’s not just my blog, but also the Internet in general. People are realizing the need for anti aging products and the number of searches continues to climb.”

The article, which ran on October 11, highlighted several products to avoid purchasing at the local drugstore. It’s important to point out that detail, as drugstores normally offer lower-caliber wrinkle creams and skin products in general, with a much smaller level of active ingredients in each product. In the case of anti aging products, for example, it’s always best to shop at specialized beauty supply stores, department stores, or buy online, to find the most effective wrinkle cream or anti aging treatment.

“If a cream sold in a drugstore held the key to looking light years younger, everyone would cease from visiting Sephora, Macy’s, Amazon.com, and other avenues that sell the high-priced wrinkle creams. Nobody would want to spend the money on something with a higher amount of actives if they could get it for a fraction of the price at every corner store. Sometimes, you get what you pay for,” added Christensen.

“Take a look at Amazon.com’s top selling products – they are full of beauty products focused on aging gracefully,” noted Christensen. “A drugstore brand may be a great source of moisture, but you won’t see the powerful peptide ingredients companies import to use in their higher grade anti aging creams.”

While there are people who doubt the ability of most anti aging products, the proof is in the sheer number of customers who swear by them and use them like clockwork. The anti aging skin product industry is estimated to be $291 billion by 2015. The world is becoming more aware of how to best treat the skin for long term success, and innovative companies continue to release products that highlight the latest studies done by independent laboratories.

“If you read the clinical studies done on various ingredients, you can’t make any argument about the potential of any skin cream. The proof is in black and white, and while results may vary by skin type, it’s not a stretch to say that most people will benefit from using an anti aging treatment on a regular basis,” concluded Christensen.

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