Professionals at all levels are looking for the competitive edge that will really make the difference they want to see in their careers or businesses. Body language expert and foremost authority on verbal and nonverbal communication Dr. Lillian Glass has a solution that dovetails perfectly with career coaching services already finding a growing market among job seekers and business executives: Professional verbal and body language analysis via videos and photos.

Based on her many years of experience providing communication skills coaching to celebrities and high-profile clientele—from celebrities to politicians to world and business leaders—the service is easily accessed remotely by anyone around the world.

“Anyone can email me a video and a photo,” “I will then provide what I think they need to do to improve how they come across to others in terms of body language and communication skills. I give honest, objective feedback through my photo/video body language analysis service to help the individual put their best foot forward during interviews or in business meetings.” explain Dr. Glass, author of such popular books as “Talk to Win: Six Steps to a Successful Vocal Image,” and “I Know What You’re Thinking: Using the Four Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life.”

“Just as I provide analyses of the verbal and nonverbal behavior of celebrities, I can do the same for anyone, no matter where they live or work, for just $125 USD,” explains Dr. Glass, who emphasizes that this is a small price for an honest, professional assessment.

According to Dr. Glass, many of her satisfied clients confirm that this analysis gave them more confidence so that they could come across more professionally at work. A company owner found that Dr. Glass’ services were instrumental in helping him to close the sale of his company. A recent college graduate went on countless interviews with no success until she sought out Dr. Glass’ services. Shortly afterwards, she aced her interview and secured a job.

“When you’re doing business, improved communication skills make a huge difference in terms of your success. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college grad just trying to get a foot in the door or you happen to be a seasoned professional who needs to get back into a very difficult job market—or you’re a successful salesperson who wants to do even better!” says Glass.

Having coached countless high-profile clients, written best-sellers on the topic, crafted columns and blogs and used her skills on various television shows as well as having provided her expertise in both the state and federal court systems, Dr. Glass confirms that one’s body language, voice and speaking skills say it all.

Job seekers can go to www.drlillianglass,com and click on Body Language Analysis or call Debra Morrison PR at (310) 274-0528 to get in touch with Dr. Lillian Glass and her services.

About Dr. Lillian Glass:

Media personality and respected body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass is a regular commentator for the Nancy Grace Show and is the body language expert for Swift Justice, Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight, and The Insider. Dr. Glass also writes a monthly body language column in Cosmopolitan Magazine and a blog for Psychology Today and her own successful body language blog. Dr. Glass has also served as an expert witness for both state and federal cases in the area of vocal forensics and behavioral analysis. She has written more than a dozen books, including the bestsellers TOXIC PEOPLE™; He Says, She Says; and a body language book called “I Know What You’re Thinking.” Through her Beverly Hills private practice, Dr. Glass has helped celebrities, politicians, and world leaders gain greater effectiveness in verbal and nonverbal communication.


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