NY and NJ – October 24, 2010 — The New Jersey Family Policy Council, working together with local activists in New Jersey and New York, has been informed that the Democrats are attempting tom force religious schools to teach tolerance for “alternative lifestyles”. Law s 1987 Section 3 Page 1, requiring schools to do so was passed on Sept. 31. It was discretely and cunningly slipped into a 10 page bill. It allows for absolutely no exceptions for religious schools.

Schools have been disregarding the law, assuming that they will not be punished. However, Greg Quinlan of the NJFPC has noted that these schools may be mistaken by believing that by keeping quiet they will not be prosecuted. He mentioned that in Sweden a Pastor was jailed for 50 days for the “crime” of quoting passages the Bible regarding gays. He was kept in jail until the Supreme Court finally allowed his release.

Currently, activists are going from synagogue to synagogue, especially during the present pre-election season, to educate people of the possible affects of the law. They are warning them that they may be betrayed by those who say that the law will not adversely affect them. Orthodox Jews tend to insulate themselves from the decadence of society. Even the Internet, which they must use for work, is always strictly filtered with filters like JNet and Covenant Eyes. Yet, still and all, with today’s technology entering their homes, they too feel the pressure from gay and porn sites, which are trying to infiltrate their lives.

Orthodox Jewish activists are now working with the Christian media to make their position clear. They are sending out the message that some people in the U.S. and Israel were bought off by the gay lobby. These people do not represent the Jewish Bible and time-honored Jewish belief. On a radio show aired live this past summer on Crusade Radio, Mr. Larry Cirinato of the National Family Council and Mr. Isaac played a live protest of 5,000 Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem, protesting a march of 300 gay activists, deliberately walking through the streets of the Orthodox communities. Larry declared that under no circumstances will we tolerate militant gays who seek to disturb family life. He pointed out that no one is stopping them from doing what they want in their own lives. Why must they disrupt wholesome families?

In another case of discrimination against those who oppose the gay lobby’s agenda, activists around the world have been making attempts to ease the suffering of Rabbi Yishai Schlissel. Rabbi Schlissel, a father of 5, has been incarcerated for 5 years for protecting the morality of Jerusalem.

With the world in turmoil and elections near, Rabbis read from the Bible that the great flood and other disasters were caused when people were quiet and apathetic while deviant groups angered God. Rabbis are now asking everyone to register to vote and support candidates with strong family values and not capitulate until the coming of the Messiah.

A meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 24 in Monsey, NY, to discuss the current situation and get the facts out to the public. The meeting will be held at 4 Blueberry Hill Rd. at 6pm. It will be attended by Rabbis and activists. Greg Quinlan will address the gathering via hook-up.

Media contact: Isaac Caller, 732-901-6176