Monday, October 25, 2010

11-time NFL Pro Bowler Derrick Brooks Will Be Motivating Business Owners at a Full Day Social Media Expo!

Tampa, FL – Thursday, October 21, 2010 /PRAvenueNW/ — Derrick Brooks Today announced he will be speaking to Local Business Owners at a full day Social Media Expo on November 11th, 2010. The Expo is strategically geared to; significantly increase any small businesses web-based marketing capabilities both local and/or globally.

Derrick has joined forces with some of the county’s top Social Media and Marketing Pros. These Expos will supply innovative, proven processes allowing SMB’s to embrace and utilize new and existing technologies, delivering new customers and clients to their door(s), carrying with it community growth, jobs and progress to the area.

Derrick Brooks has been motivating athletes, fans, communities, and children for many years, he has now turned his sights and focus on Motivating and helping the small business owner. “Small Business is the backbone of our nation and the life blood of our local communities; we need to find new and innovative ways to keep these businesses open by creating a flow of new customers coming to their real or virtual door” said Brooks. He went on to say “learning and implementing modern proven methods of conducting business in this global, instant economy is not a maybe, it is a have too and the time to start is not later, it is NOW!”

Steve Mordue the Social Media Guru and a Keynote Speaker at the Expo said “social media marketing can’t be ignored it is not a question of should a small business use social media to market their business, it is a must!”

About the Social Media Interactive Expo: The SMIX Series has been developed by several nationally recognized Experts whom each specialize in an integral area of Social Media and Internet Marketing.

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