SYRACUSE, N.Y., October 25, 2010 — Microsoft has chosen to re-renter the smartphone marketplace with a new OS – Windows Phone 7. A highly anticipated and much debated entry into the mobile OS arena, WP7 is one of Microsoft’s most important releases in years. To help you understand WP7 and decide whether it’s right for you, Rescuecom’s computer support and computer repair specialists share the five things you need to know about Windows Phone 7.

1. It’s not Windows Mobile – Microsoft’s previous mobile OS, Windows Mobile wasn’t a failure, but it never gained the popularity, or market share, of Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. Windows Phone 7 is a complete reboot for Microsoft, leaving everything about Windows Mobile behind and starting fresh.

2. It’s truly a mobile OS – in the past, Microsoft has been guilty of attempting to forcibly graft its Windows platform onto mobile devices it wasn’t optimized for. In turn, this caused Microsoft computer support headaches and generated far less customer satisfaction. WP7 is not Windows 7. It is a unique interface designed specially for mobile devices.

3. WP7 is not the same old Microsoft – Realizing how badly it’s trailing Apple, RIM, and Android phones in the mobile market, Microsoft has made some bold and innovative moves with WP7. The interface is much cleaner, more active, and more intuitive. In many ways, WP7 mimics some of the more popular aspects of the iPhone, with a Microsoft twist.

4. This is not the Kin – Earlier this year, Microsoft attempted to make waves in the mobile arena with its own phone, the Kin. It flopped and was quickly discontinued. WP7 is not the Kin all over again. Microsoft has put the full weight of its mobile development, tech support, and marketing divisions behind WP7. It’s also an OS only; Microsoft will not be involved in the hardware production at all.

5. WP7 is here for the long haul – Based on the lead Apple, Android, and even RIM have grown in the mobile marketplace, there is no reasonable way to expect that WP7 will overtake any of them immediately. It will take Microsoft some time and patience to develop an Apps marketplace and prove the WP7 is a worthy competitor to the iPhone and Android, and Microsoft is fully invested in taking that time.

Apple, RIM, and Google’s Android have become the dominant forces in the mobile device marketplace. Microsoft hopes to change all that with WP7. By making the OS a newer, cleaner, and less Windows oriented interface, Microsoft has created a competitive platform that may be able to successfully launch them back into the mobile arena.


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