Mom entrepreneur coach Britt Michaelian launches ‘The Big Picture Mom Program,’ a series of videos and coaching sessions designed to help moms build fulfilling businesses while achieving a work/life balance.

San Francisco, CA — Britt Michaelian, the Smart Start-Up Coach for Mom entrepreneurs, is on a mission to show mom entrepreneurs how they can claim the future that is rightfully theirs.

Launching the week of October 25th, Michaelian’s ‘The Big Picture Mom Program’ is a series of videos and coaching sessions designed to help mom entrepreneurs build a business that is in line with their passions and values.

The program’s goal is to give moms the confidence to provide an excellent foundation for their life, their family, their business and their brand. Working together in collaborative group setting will not only give moms business ideas, but also provide them with the tools and support to turn those ideas into successful businesses.

“Many mothers and women who have been in relationships for extended periods of time have long found that they have fallen out of touch with their passions and purpose in life. My goal is to show these amazing women not only how to rekindle that passion, but to create an action plan to achieve the life they desire,” said Michaelian.

The Big Picture Mom Program and Video Series enables mom entrepreneurs to:

•Get in touch with their childhood dreams and list all of the accomplishments they have achieved in their life so far.

•Write down their top personal values and use them as a compass for their decisions.

•Create short term and long terms goals for themselves and their families, then break them down into action steps.

•Think in terms of baby steps, which add up to leaps and bounds very quickly.

•Do something that inspires them each and every day; keep a journal every day and writing about what they are grateful for and what their successes were during the day.

•Find and connect with individuals to support them on their journey to accomplishing their life purpose.

“As a mom of 3, I remember how hard it was to find my passion and launch a business. I created this program to get past my personal roadblocks. I am sharing it because I know it will help other stay at home moms find meaning and passion in their lives,” said Michaelian.

Join Michaelian on Oct 29th at 1:00 pm PST for a free Q&A call where she will discuss tips and strategies for getting the most out of the program. Call details are available at

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About Britt Michaelian and Work Smart Mompreneurs:
Britt Michaelian, M.A. is a mother of three and the founder of several successful online businesses. Michaelian’s mantra is to ‘Work smart, live smarter,’ inspiring the mom who is ready to start a passion-based lifestyle business that incorporates her family and her dreams into one package: her life’s purpose!

About Work Smart Mompreneurs:
Founded by Britt Michaelian, Work Smart Mompreneurs ( is an organization that encourages mothers to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, while offering the opportunity for guidance and coaching.

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