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One SEO Company provides services that aid companies seeking more targeted online marketing.

October 25, 2010 – Google recently made an announcement regarding the focus now being placed on location in its search engine. Google stated that location settings for users can automatically be detected and search results may be tailored to include local entities with offerings that are relevant to user queries. Dallas SEO firm, One SEO Company, is seeking to help companies understand how these changes may impact their SEO needs, and how the company’s services can help them reach local prospects for more effective online marketing.

For More Effective SEO

Even prior to Google’s recent announcement of their changes, One SEO Company experts identified local SEO as a feature becoming more essential to those seeking to effectively reach targeted markets online. One SEO Company developed services prior to the announcement of Google’s recent changes that help companies boost listings in local rankings. The search engine optimization firm integrates cutting-edge technologies into their service offerings, with concentration on Google Local Places and Google Maps using the Google 7-Pack. One SEO Company welcomes corporations, small businesses, law firms, and other entities that may benefit from their advanced tools for effective local SEO, to contact the firm today by visiting http://www.oneseocompany.com, or calling 1-877-475-1736 for more information on how to get started boosting their online brand.

The company also offers an array of search engine promotion services as well as website and blog design solutions tailored to meet the marketing needs of businesses and organizations across multiple industries, and enhance the usability of site visitors on the web. Professionals are encouraged to connect with a member of the One SEO Company professional team today for help in expanding their web presence.

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One SEO Company provides effective SEO for companies seeking to broaden their online presence and strengthen their brand through advanced online marketing techniques. The company provides customized online marketing solutions for professional entities in a wide range of industries, and specializes in local SEO.

One SEO Company welcomes corporations, law firms, small businesses, and others in need of effective search engine optimization to contact the company today by visiting http://www.oneseocompany.com, or calling 1-877-475-1736 for a free consultation and quote.

For more information about Dallas SEO Company, or the services provided by the company, please visit http://www.oneseocompany.com, or call 1-877-475-1736.