/EINPresswire.com/ There was whole a lot of going on at the Wolfpac’s den over the past weekend. Both Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman were due at the MMA Sports Extravaganza at Trump’s Taj Mahal Casino Hotel in Atlantic City NJ but only Sean Waltman aka X PAC was on board for the event, Kevin Nash was supposed to be a vendor guest but when he found out that, the vendor had reserved 6ft 10 over 300 lbs Kevin Nash a coach seat, he refused to get on a flight, stating that there is no way that he can fit.
Sean Waltman managed to drive a big crowd of wrestling fans chanting his name as he attended to watch the MMA Ring Of Combat Fight with WWE/WCW Diva, model Alicia Webb aka Ryan Shamrock at Taj Mahal Casino Hotel in Atlantic City NJ.
According to Geena Jinev Anac CEO/Celebrity Manager of Lightening Entertainment , Scott Hall made a statement over the weekend saying that ” Wolfpac and Ricky Young are the hottest free agents in wrestling business right now, with all the undying fan demand for the Wolfpac members all around the world and they are willing to work with any organization that is interested in working with them.” Scott hall also mentioned that, he is very disappointed with the current wrestling scene and he wants to bring back the old school style of wrestling back!” Scott Hall also has been training Ricky Young, and he would like to give the opportunity to an up and coming talent to get trained by him and get to stay at his home for the duration of training in Orlando FL: “We’ll call it Scott Hall’s Wrestling Camp added Scott Hall.”
Any inspiring wrestlers must submit a detailed info about their stats, info and a 5 min video of themselves wrestling and talking about why they should get trained by Scott Hall to [email protected] The winner will be notified by Scott Hall’s management, the deadline for submissions is Nov 30 2010.
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