JC De La Torre’s Nightmare From Eberus, the controversially dark speculative fiction short story collection has been released in paperback.

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Nightmares From Eberus, the best selling e-book from author JC De La Torre, is now released on paperback. The short story collection, called by SFS Review “a trip through the darkness, challenging religious dogma, pop culture stereotypes, and personal belief while delivering a ten pack of outstanding, well written short stories,” is already available via Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble stores and should be impacting all major book store outlets within the next few weeks.

On the e-retailer Smashwords’ Best Seller list for the week of August 8th, Eberus has brought the dark mind of De La Torre to the masses.

“While I know we had our hiccups with editing in regards to the e-book version of the work,” De La Torre said via his website, “I was encouraged that despite the editing mistakes the reviews of the collection were positive. Now that the problems have been rectified for the paperback release (and of course corrected in the e-book), I feel more confident than ever in the future of the book.”

Eberus has been embroiled in controversy with Christian and Muslim groups due to some of the themes and violence in Lucifer’s Lament and Killing Osama, two of the stories in Eberus.

De La Torre spoke in an inteview regarding the controversy surrounding Killing Osama, stating “I did nothing to insult the religious faith of Islam and I think the view of Extremism being evil is shared throughout the world.”

“Modern theology has cast Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil as one in the same,” De La Torre speaking to the Christian groups’ protests in regards to Lucifer’s Lament, “Lucifer and Satan were two different angels. Satan was created by God to tempt man…and he’s damn good at it. Lucifer remains in exile – but he was never evil, just prideful. Believe me, if pride made you evil, we all have a ticket to Hell.”

Fans responded well to the ebook, despite an editing setback, with most voting for the vampire yarn Serial and the creepy ghost story Shockers as their favorites.

Other stories included in this collection: the time travel adventure Continuum Force: The New Guy, space opera Tawney’s Stars, Horror stories Gator Country and Reality, supernatural love story Until the End of Time, and a continuation of De La Torre’s Rise of the Ancients saga, Alulim.

“Eberus is the perfect gift for your horror and halloween enthusiast,” the author added.

For more information on Nightmares from Eberus, visit the website at NightmaresFromEberus.com and the author’s official site JCDeLaTorre.com.


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About JC De La Torre

He is the author of the urban fiction fantasy series, Rise of the Ancients, and his new collection Nightmares From Eberus contains 10 stories spanning the sub-genres of speculative fiction including horror, the occult, science fiction, and fantasy.

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