Internet marketing expert wins kudos for sharing success with MyLeadSystemPro™ network marketing business opportunity.

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA – About 14 months ago, Ray Higdon’s once-successful real estate investments became a casualty of the plummeting Florida housing market. Within months, however, he went from having only $300 in the bank to becoming the No. 1 producer and top earner in his company – with the help of MyLeadSystemPro™ (MLSP), which is now honoring Higdon as ‘Member of the Month’ for October.

Higdon, a homebased business coach and Internet marketing expert (, describes MLSP as an attraction marketing system that has helped him to dominate his niche – also making it the perfect network marketing business opportunity.

MLSP is an online-based, step-by-step program that teaches those involved in online marketing and network marketing how to brand themselves online, Higdon said. In addition to the system itself, there’s also an online training database. It’s a treasure trove of information about using autoresponders, search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads – all the tools marketers need to be successful in this industry.

The criteria for the Member of the Month recognition are leadership in the field and excellence in marketing. Higdon demonstrated these by recruiting about 130 people to the program in a two-month period – which has, in turn, helped others to succeed.

“The best part is that my 130 reps have turned into more than 3600 reps by teaching them a system tied to online prospecting, which they can duplicate to achieve superior results themselves,” he said.

Higdon said he struggled with conflicting opinions from different lead-building systems that left him not knowing which tactics to use – until he discovered MLSP.

“MLSP has done a fantastic job laying it out clearly to help people like me, as well as others who are struggling with network marketing and don’t know what options they have,” he said.

Reaching the top
Higdon admitted that he had signed on to MLSP more than a year ago, but only started applying the system it in the last six months. And this network marketing business opportunity has made a world of difference in lead generation.

“Before, I didn’t get the concept of attraction marketing. But I used the MSLP Network marketing business opportunity to become a sales leader and top earner with my primary company,” Higdon said.

Earlier this year, he was named No. 1 producer and top income earner – out of more than 10,000 independent representatives worldwide – for Numis Network, an international gold and silver multilevel marketing company, after only nine months with the firm. This feat also earned him the MLM’s incentive reward: a new BMW 750li, valued at $95,000.

Presenting prospects with the Numis opportunity has also allowed Higdon to share the success he has had with MLSP. Higdon compared his unique approach to owning a muffler shop. If a customer comes in wanting tires, you could turn them away – or you can point them to the tire shop down the street, with which you have an affiliation and can earn a commission. While it’s not the traditional method MLSP members use to market the program, it allowed Higdon to earn Member of the Month by besting 8,000 other active users who are also part of this network marketing business opportunity.

About Ray Higdon
A 20-year resident of Southwest Florida, Ray Higdon is a well-known figure in the business community. He is a former real estate investor, marketing consultant, nationwide speaker in the motivation industry, and founder of the Forever Wealth Club, a wealth education and networking group. Ray has coached people all over the world on how to generate a large income using a homebased business.

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