Top merchant account provider BluePay offers restaurant credit card processing solutions for more efficient services and satisfied customers

CHICAGO – BluePay, an industry leader in secure merchant accounts and payment processing solutions, offers a wide range of restaurant credit card processing services for any restaurant. From fast food chains and short order restaurants, to casual and fine dining establishments, BluePay provides restaurant merchants with the solutions required to improve cash flow and service while reducing costs.

“When it comes to eating out, customers expect delicious food, exceptional service and flexible payment options,” said Director of BluePay, Kristen Gramigna. “At BluePay, we offer many different credit card processing solutions that allow restaurant merchants to accept credit cards for business safely and efficiently. By streamlining the payment process and providing easy-to-use processing equipment and software, servers can focus on the food and the customers while BluePay takes care of the rest.”

For fast food chains and short order restaurants, where customers expect their food fast and fresh, BluePay’s restaurant credit card processing services help keep lines moving quickly. Credit card terminals with external PIN pads allow for no-touch service, so that customers can swipe their own cards and enter their PINs privately – even for small purchases. BluePay’s fine dining program provides the ability to transfer tabs easily, as well as add gratuity to transactions.

Other BluePay services and benefits include gift and loyalty programs, which help increase brand awareness and customer base while rewarding returning customers. With services that comply with PCI DSS standards, such as end-to-end encryption, restaurant merchants can help keep their customers and their business safe from fraud.

“Secure, compliant credit card processing is crucial as more businesses and consumers fall victim to credit card fraud and devastating loss,” said Gramigna. “Merchants must often pay hefty fines when customers’ sensitive data is compromised. The upfront costs of advanced PCI compliant security features can actually help save a great deal of money in the long term, reducing the risk of fraud and keeping data safe.”

About BluePay: Providing the highest level of data security in the industry, BluePay ( makes U.S. and Canadian credit card processing simple and fast. BluePay is a full-service, Tier 1 credit card processor based in Naperville, Illinois, with offices and data centers located across the United States. The firm leverages extensive industry experience and a comprehensive suite of credit card merchant processing services to provide a complete system of credit card processing solutions with competitive rates. Follow BluePay on Twitter ( for company and credit card processing industry updates.

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