Granger, IN – November 3, 2010 — Announcing, for the first time, an unchanged text, illustrated Bible, in 2 Translations, the ICB, (International Children’s Bible) or the NASB, (New American Standard Bible), complete with every chapter and verse number, subject headings and footnotes.

Eight, highly skilled, dedicated Christian men and women worked for 6 years to complete over 7,500 individual illustrations on 2,000 pages of the entire Bible.

A new Publisher, Neely Press, Granger Indiana, in cooperation with Thomas Nelson Publications (Who sold 160,000 copies under their name.) and the Lockman Foundation, created the only Actual Text of the Bible that has been fully illustrated and is therefore trustworthy scripture and appropriate for casual reading and study for adults, as well as children.

Besides our print Bible books in hard cover and paperback, we have the complete illustrated Bible available on 2 CDs, which allows the purchaser to print as many pages as they wish and as often as they wish from their computer, to create study material for an individual or classes of any size for as long as they wish.

Enjoy the complete Gospel of John, all of Jonah and 4 other complete stories, right now for free. Nothing to buy, nothing to join and nothing to fill out. Just go to on the Web.

A quote from the Author and Publisher:

“Who hasn’t seen “The 10 Commandments” or “King of Kings”?

I remember as a child, sitting in a darkened theater mesmerized by the drama and the spectacle of these movies. For weeks after and even today, scenes from those movies return to my mind, making me feel closer to God. As powerful as those movies are; we don’t study their scripts in church. Why? Because, they are not God’s Word and therefore, NOT reliable truth.

“I incorporated descriptive, powerful and memorable images with actual, word-for-word Scripture, so that children, in this visual age, will not be able to put this Bible down and so that they will understand and remember what they read. Just like those old movies, we want mental images from our illustrated Bible to return to their minds and make them feel closer to the God of the Bible for years to come. My objective is that what they remember will be God’s TRUTH, not a story from the Bible with its omissions, additions and errors.

“Having 5 children of my own, I realized that no translation was worth anything if my children didn’t read it on their own because they wanted to. The burning question for me as a parent was how do I get my children into the word of God so that the word of God would get into them? As a professional illustrator, the answer became obvious.

“For the full “illustrated Bible story” and more pictures go to “Contact Us” on the Website and make your request.”


Media copies are available upon request.
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