…They Choose No Matter How Much Income The Family Has!

Tulsa, Oklahoma – November 3, 2010 — These powerful inside secrets on how parents can get the most amount of money possible, are provided by Anchor College Funding Solutions, the local leading authority on college funding. Khris Bryan, author of the free Report “How You Can Beat The High Costs Of College And Avoid Going Broke!” also hosts free Workshops that teach parents everything they need to know!

Khris Bryan is a powerful, entertaining interview. He will tell your audience:

• Why some middle-class and upper middle-class parents pay close to nothing for their children’s college education… and you can too!

• Why high school “Financial Aid Nights” can be hazardous to your wealth!

• How to send your child to an expensive private university for less than a state school!

• How to double, or even triple, your eligibility for financial aid!

• How to pick the colleges that will give you the most free money…and less loans!

• How to get the maximum amount of money from each school!

• The little known ways to position your assets…. maximizing the aid you’ll get! (Not one in a thousand financial advisors know how to this!)

• How to fill out the complicated application forms accurately to avoid their costly
Loopholes… the real reason why over 90% fail to fill them out right and get less money!

• How to locate and apply for every need-based scholarship, grant and low-interest loans that
Most people don’t even know exist!
Khris Bryan and his free Report and workshops have received great appreciation from local parents and have angered most colleges!

By the end of your interview, you’ll be convinced that Khris has the answers. He’s an excellent interview that will thrill you and your audience!

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