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New York, NY—An Oscar-nominated screenwriter is in critical, but stable condition after he was hit in the head by a passing subway train in New York. Will Rokos was hit on Saturday, October 30, 2010, inside the 14th Street station at Seventh Avenue, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Will Rokos was reportedly waiting for the No. 2 train, when he decided to lean over to look down the subway tunnel, just as the northbound train arrived into the station. The train clipped Rokos’ head and sent him airborne onto the platform.

Rokos tried to push himself up after the accident, but passengers kept him still, according to witnesses. Responding emergency crews rushed Rokos to Bellevue Hospital for treatment. He is reportedly listed in critical, but stable condition.

The train driver apparently saw Rokos, but couldn’t stop the train in time before hitting him. The train operator slammed on the brakes, but it didn’t stop the train’s first two cars from entering the station.

Rokos is best known for writing the movie “Monster’s Ball.”

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