Canada’s Top Model Set to Take Bollywood and Hollywood by Storm.

Los Angeles, CA – Much-celebrated model Bajita Singh is set to begin shooting her critically acclaimed and highly controversial television commercials and music videos for Murdercap Records. Bajita’s first commercial, “Lost”, has been the subject of intense controversy in London, Bollywood, Hollywood, Detroit, and New York, after several major television channels refused to air it due to claims its content was too “salacious.” The controversy centers around Bajita’s walk in the commercial, and her one line in the spot.

Murdercap Records CEO Jerome “SlikkForDays” Almon received rejection letters for the commercial from 4MUSIC London, Comcast Detroit, and Time-Warner North Carolina, and a refusal to air the commercial by FOX and CNN. The script became an international controversy when The Sikh Times of London published on its front page a video of Ms. Singh clad in a bikini that is “revealing” to say the least. This was immediately followed by Bajita becoming the topic of controversy in Bollywood, as parents condemned her working with gangsta rappers, blaming Bollywood for setting up girls to be “turned out” by gangsta rappers in the United States. This controversy pits the youth of India, who support Bajita, against their parents, who condemn the sexual aspects of her videos and commercials.

Ms. Singh is a unique talent: a skilled singer and dancer, and accomplished actor and model. Bajita has repeatedly been called the most beautiful girl in Canada, and Hip Hop’s next big thing. The quadruple threat speaks four languages, and choreographs her own dancing scenes, which have been described as Kama Sutra meets the Pussycat Dolls-all wrapped up as a cheerleader. Bajita is scheduled to shoot her ode to America’s number one sport, football, in Los Angeles, where she plays the lead cheerleader in the commercial, “Shake It If You Got It.” The commercial is part one of a mini-movie showcasing the Montreal bombshell’s beauty and dancing skills. This commercial is followed by the the five minute magnum opus “ADIDAS RECHTS”-which is sure to ignite a controversy over its heated girl-on-girl dancing scenes. The commercial was specifically designed for Bajita due to her love of ADIDAS clothing, and a secret reason to be revealed upon the commercial’s airing in late November. Bajita also has several other suprises for the music and entertainment industry forthcoming, with her stunning singing debut on the Murdercap Records double album “MURDERCAP RECORDS PRESENTS:”featuring The Virus and Gitty Gutta. The video features Bajita table-dancing in a scene paying tribute to Candy Johnson of the “Beach Party” movies of the 1960s.

Video with Bajita Singh:

Bajita is also dropping three fragrances over the next year. Each perfume is unique and will forever change the fashion industry and the definition of what is great. Bajita’s unique blending of East and West, Hip Hop and pop music, as well as her exquisite taste and designs, is only matched by her gorgeous looks and magnificent smile.

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Look for Bajita in over 200 full-page spreads for the world’s top entertainment and music magazines. 2011 will defintely be the year of Bajita Singh, as she conquers the Hip Hop, fashion, and entertainment worlds from Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond.

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