The hacking and penetration testing industry has seen its largest growth in the last few years with the emergence of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification. With CEH training available easily Hacking industry fanfare has been able to acquire the basic set of skills necessary to do entry level hacking and network penetration testing. Since the CEH certification has introduced more hackers to the industry than the 1995 movie starring Angelina Jolie, there is now a much larger demand for network intrusion prevention professionals and therefore a much larger demand to learn advanced hacking techniques and skills.

The latest buzz on hacking and pentesting industry forums and chat rooms has been about the Advanced Penetration Tester (APT) certification by ASC. The APT was written by a team of deeply experienced and well versed industry professionals. The team is lead by the well-known Joe McCray. The APT is a certification that is only eligible to people who have either been through the Certified Ethical Hacker or are on a similar experience level. The APT goes so deep into penetration testing training that essentially the class demonstrates, through hands-on application, how to hack into extremely high security environments.

The only training provider currently for the APT is industry leading Advanced Security by Academy of Computer Education, based out of Greenbelt, Maryland. Advanced Security’s CEO Ralph P. Sita, Jr., CPA had this to say about the APT; “The APT has exploded over the last few months really. The CEH has been such a hot certification, but now there are so many techs and security analysts who need to know much much more than what they already know. The cyber-enemies consistently create new exploits and learning how to penetration test the most secured environments, helps the security professional defend against 99% of the hackers out there.”

With the growing demand for network security professionals and the increased exposure for people to learn how to hack, its no wonder the APT is taking off so quickly. Advanced Security in Greenbelt Maryland will be running their fifth APT class the week of December 13th, 2010. They anticipate that the class will be offered as open enrollment at their location every quarter and it is already being offered regularly on-site for Government agencies and IT security companies. The follow up advanced security class by ASC is the Advanced Malware Analysis (AMA), which is a very advanced reverse engineering class. This is being launched in March of 2011.

To get more information about the Advanced Penetration Tester (APT) certification and training class visit Advanced Security by Academy of Computer Education’s website

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