5hop5.com, a newly developed website, now makes saving money even easier by collecting a substantial list of discount codes, coupons and voucher codes from well-known suppliers of goods from around the world. Shoppers simply log onto the 5hop5.com website for free before shopping and to explore cheap deals and save noticeable amounts of money on their purchases.

“No one wants to waste time and effort searching for savings from shop to shop and also then having to engage in frustrating negotiations with the salesperson for trivial discounts or bargains. With shopping online now the easiest and most in-vogue way of purchasing things finding the product you want is just a few clicks away while purchasing it requires even less effort,” said Daire McCarthy of 5hop5.com (http://www.5hop5.com).

Shoppers simply search and select a retailer of their choice from the website. 5hop5.com then lists all the discount codes and cheap deals offered by that retailer. The appropriate promo code can be copied and pasted at the point of purchase on the retailer’s website.

5hop5.com puts discount codes from more than 5,000 merchants at shoppers’ fingertips while providing all the necessary details related to the promotional codes — including the latest codes available, expiring codes, and dates on which promotional offers end.

“Online shoppers no longer need to argue with sales persons for cheap deals because in many cases the luxury of promotional, discount or voucher codes is available while shopping online. These have become the modern way of automatically saving money on your purchases. 5hop5.com becomes more or less your own piggy bank that can save you a lot of money at the end of the day,” explained McCarthy.

About 5hop5.com
5hop5.com, established in 2010, is an Irish owned portal. The website is a one-click internet resource which lists merchants, retailers, shops, services, restaurants and takeaways. The main purpose of the website is to allow users to share and access discount codes for the various businesses listed on it. Currently there are over 5,000 merchants listed on 5hop5.com. An animation illustrating how discount codes work is available at http://www.5hop5.com//content/faq.php.

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