Nov. 9, 2010 /EIN Presswire/ – There’s another big egg recall in the news today and it’s likely driving more consumers to look for “organic” when they reach their market’s egg counter.

But watch out, many of those cartons labeled “USDA organic” may be from the same big agribusiness farms that distribute mass produced eggs from warehouse chicken cages.

Fraudulent producers pack their hen houses and then add a door to the end which chickens can’t possibly use, and market their products as “free range,” falsely complying with USDA guidelines. The chickens are never let out to graze or be in sunlight. They are force fed commercially produced chicken feed. They are injected with antibiotics or vaccines that add toxins to the system.

Cornucopia Institute of Madison, Wisconsin, has investigated fraudulent organic practices and has produced a documentary on many of them. The video, “Scrambled Eggs”, can be seen at

Organic egg producing guidelines demand constant access to open spaces for chickens to graze and to find grass and insects for food. Organic feed has to be used in the hen houses, which are not allowed to be crowded to the point of immobilizing the hens.

Antibiotics and steroids are not allowed to be injected in organic food producing animals. Instead, they are treated humanely.

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