A top research portal that reviews various eye serums has added an innovative product that features gold as an active ingredient to it’s growing database of under eye products. Once only available in the Orient, the line of products, called Venetian Beauty, uses many other natural ingredients such in conjunction with gold.

The 24k Gold Eye Serum is nothing like the scientific serums that have been featured on the site in past updates. While the jury is out on if the gold eye product works, there is a lot of promise knowing similar products have been in circulation dating back to ancient history, when it’s rumored that Cleopatra had a gold facial each night before she went to sleep.

“We expect a lot of people to take a close look at this eye serum, especially if they find it in a retail location,” added one of the website operators who is in charge of finding new products to add to the growing list of eye serums featured on the popular website. “It is by far the most eye appealing product we’ve seen, and it will do well in spa’s due to it’s immaculate packaging,” she concluded.

Under eye serums have become the hottest selling anti aging products, and they help people look younger, fresher, and healthier around the eyes. They can visibly reduce dark under eye circles, firm and tone the skin, as well as make up for depleting collagen levels.

It’s not uncommon that the site highlights off-the-wall ingredients that are being used in skin serums. Past entries on the site have talked about everything from the powerful peptide ingredients that are present in many of the top eye serums available today to all synthetic snake venom, which is designed to freeze wrinkles, much like when a pit viper strikes it’s prey and freezes them in their tracks. Other precious metals, such as copper, platinum, and silver, are making their way into skin care products as they have “a high antioxidant value,” according to numerous studies.

Will the gold eye serum fare well and garner good reviews? Only time will tell. According to Brad Schwartz, an editor of Simply Skin Magazine, gold is one of the most “up-and-coming” ingredients in skin care, even though it’s been used in spa treatments, such as cellulite reduction wraps, for many years. “It’s even better when you couple it with natural ingredients, which the label of this product tells me was done,” said Schwartz.

If you have experience with gold skin care products, you are invited to leave comments on the eye serum research site.

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