In honor of National Bladder Health Awareness Month, is offering free Kegel Balls to the first 1000 customers who purchase a KegelMaster.

A high percentage of Americans quietly suffer from bladder incontinence issues and don’t know what to do about it. November is National Bladder Health Awareness month, and is marking the initiative with a special promotion. The first 1000 customers who purchase a KegelMaster pelvic exerciser can use a special promotional code and also receive Kegel Balls, another proven aid in building pelvic floor strength.

“One in three women suffer from light to moderate urinary incontinence, and we think that it is very important to foster awareness. While the pelvic exerciser products sold on our site can help people fight incontinence, they can only do so if people are aware of their options,” explains Shary Bowman of Amazing Kegelmaster. is a top seller of pelvic floor exercise products, including KegelMasters and Ben Wa Kegel Balls. This kegel exerciser is unique in that it is designed for progressive dynamic resistance as it cradles all of the muscles in the pelvic floor, allowing women to gain strength and tone where there previously was none and possibly avoid surgeries or having to use incontinence products.

“Various organizations are making an effort to build awareness, and it’s great that more people know about pelvic exercises and the pelvic exerciser options they have, but the number of people in America who are trying to manage their lives while dealing with incontinence is still high. We wanted to take this opportunity to help build awareness while we provide the natural pelvic exercise aids that can actually help women gain pelvic floor strength,” explains Bowman.

Customers can visit and enter the promotional code FREEB when they purchase a KegelMaster. If they are one of the first 1000, they will receive Kegel Balls with their order at no additional charge. More information is available at 800.378.1038.

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Supporting women everywhere with the tools and information they need to gain greater sexual power and treat life-limiting issues like incontinence and uterine prolapse, Amazing KegelMaster sells products and is active in disseminating information through its website and blog posts.

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