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Denver, CO—A CALL 7 Investigation into Colorado’s welfare system revealed that recipients have been able to withdrawal thousands of taxpayer’s dollars at casinos, liquor stores and Glendale strip club, reports The Denver Channel.

The CALL7 Investigation found that nearly $10,000 of welfare money was withdrawn from questionable locations through their state public assistance electronic benefit cards. The $10,000 taxpayer-funded welfare money was withdrawn over the last 12 months.

Over $7,000 was withdrawn at liquor stores; $1,540 was withdrawn at casinos and $80 was withdrawn at Shotgun Willie’s strip club.

In just one liquor store in Thornton, the Liquor Mart, welfare recipients made 51 withdrawals, which totaled $2,600. Apparently, recipients can get cash from their welfare card through an ATM at the store and then pay for the liquor in cash.

“If he wants to give the card, I can’t use the card here. I’m not allowed to take the card for selling this stuff but if he gets the cash from any ATM he can bring the cash and we sell him whatever he wants,” stated the store clerk to an undercover cameraman.

A similar investigation into questionable welfare withdrawals at state casinos and strip clubs caused Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to have social services block withdrawals at such locations.

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