is an online poker portal that distinguishes various poker sites for their most prevalent qualities. Most recently, the web site has revealed SportsBook Poker to be the “fishiest” poker site of them all.

Every online poker room has a best quality, whether it be the active number of players, quality of software, worth of tournament schedule, player retention via promotional value, or – as is the case with SportsBook Poker – the fishiest player base in the online poker business. has revealed the fishiest of all poker sites to be SportsBook Poker. A “fishy” poker site is one that is said to have very weak, loose or inexperienced players. In the realm of professional poker players, often termed “sharks”, finding a table of fishy poker players means that a pro should have very little trouble taking charge of the chip stacks of those around him. is a long time analytical web site that tracks online poker sites and their categorical players. By comparing the viewed flop percentage, hands played per hour and average pot size, the web site is able to make a definitive list of which poker sites have the fishiest player base in the online poker industry.

A high viewed flop percentage relates to how often the table is seeing a flop. Traditionally, a group of experienced, well trained poker players will see very few flops, choosing to fold just about any hand that doesn’t have a high potential for winning from the get go. A player is only dealt a good starting hand, on average, less than 10% of the time. When the viewed flop percentage is high, this means that more players are investing in relatively bad hands. The end result is a fishy online poker table.

The online poker lobby at SportsBook Poker has apparently exposed some surprisingly high viewed flop percentages lately. Combined with a comparably high average pot size, SportsBook Poker is a perfect place for online poker sharks to lie in wait for an unsuspecting table of victims.

The web site is quick to point out that SportsBook Poker is not just a prosperous destination for more experienced, strategic online poker sharks, but that the poker site is also an ideal training ground for newcomers to the online poker circuit. The fact that so many tables are fishy at SportsBook Poker means that as an inexperienced poker player, you will be seated amongst peers that are equals in your novice prowess.

Therefore, has listed SportsBook Poker at the top of the list of most profitable online poker sites, as well as one of the very few poker rooms to accept deposits via MasterCard and Credit Card.

SportsBook Poker is welcoming to members from the USA; another trait that is getting harder to come by among the online poker industry. If you are an American who fancies yourself a highly skilled poker player, or a greenhorn with a desire to learn the intricate strategies of online poker, has put a resounding exclamation point on its recommendation of SportsBook Poker.

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