As far as casino style games go, craps is in a league of its own. Whether you play real money craps online or at a live casino, there is just no other gambling amusement that compares. is proud to offer its complete guide to real money online craps, teaching novices the rules of the game, high roller techniques and more.

Sliema, Malta, – Craps is the most unique of all casino style games, offering a massive variety of betting options on the toss of just two dice. For decades, fans of the game were forced to visit a live casino to get the full entertainment of playing craps for real money. In today’s age of superior technology, anyone (of legal age) can play real money craps online.

To help new online craps players acclimate to the virtual world of online gambling, has cultivated a complete guide to playing real money online craps. The guide comes complete with all of the information a novice player could possibly need to get started.

For true novices, there is a comprehensive tutorial on the rules of craps. Being one of the more complex games found in a live or online casino, it is imperative that a player have a solid understanding of how to play craps and all of the different ways one can wager on the game.

The craps rules section details all types of bets and their respective payouts, including single roll bets, multiple roll bets and proposition bets. Beginner craps players are encouraged to start out with the most basic real money online craps bets, working their way into the more complicated varieties when they have a better appreciation for the game and feel they are ready to take that next step.

Another part of the guide to playing real money online craps goes into further detail of how to play the game with the most potential for prosperity, detailing the difference in house edge and why betting with the shooter isn’t always the best option. This leads straight into the craps strategy segment, where readers can learn about all of the best craps bets, as well as the worst bets that should always be avoided.

An entire page was dedicated to avoiding all sucker bets at craps. Sucker bets are essentially bets that offer a lower payout, when the player could have made a similar wager with a higher payout, winning with the exact same outcome on the dice. Betting $5 on each of the Hardway Sevens, for example, pays better than a single $15 bet on Any Sevens.

The craps strategy also incorporates a segment on different craps betting systems that can be integrated to give the player a higher potential of coming out ahead over a period of time, rather than relying on luck alone to instigate a profit.

Because Americans have a difficult time finding online casinos that will accept their deposits and real money wagers, features a complete section regarding online craps for US players. Readers are given an assessment of the online gambling industry as it relates to residents of the United States, followed by a list of recommended site where they can play real money online craps without worrying about their payments being declined.

The latest addition to the online craps resource is a section devoted to high stakes craps players. High rollers are an ever present factor in most forms of gambling, and real money online craps is no different. For a high roller, there are certain online casinos that will offer higher table limits and better rewards, not just in the VIP department, but also in the way of special high roller bonuses for new members making a substantially sized first deposit.

All in all, the complete guide to real money online craps offers a thorough, retrospective presentation that is expected to give both novice and veteran craps players a more transparent view of the benefits and intricacies of playing real money online craps.

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