Model Has Been Deemed The Hip-Hop Marilyn Monroe.

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Miami, Florida–November 16, 2010–Stunningly beautiful model Michelle Milon has joined Murdercap Records as the final piece to the controversial label’s epic shoot schedule for the visual representation of its 41 song double album “Murdercap Records Presents.”

Michelle is a 21-year-old native of Manhattan with roots in Spain and Los Angeles. The glamorous fashionista is set to star in a series of commercials designed for her by Murdercap Records CEO Jerome Almon. The smoldering commercials and music videos showcase the blonde bombshell as she ascends to the top of the modeling and fashion world as the label’s top model. Michelle’s game changing music videos will cement her as one of the global entertainment industry’s top rising stars among young Hollywood.

Michelle is one of the most original talents to come into the modeling world since the great Kate Moss. Michelle is bold, bodacious, and sexy. A fashionista’s fashionista with a serious shoe addiction, the golden-eyed diva owns over one thousand pairs of designer shoes and is seeking to double that number with a shopping spree on Los Angele’s famous Rodeo Drive in December. Michelle is most often compared to Marilyn Monroe by the celebrity correspondents who have interviewed her, citing her personality, Hollywood looks, and simmering curvaceous body.

Michelle is debuting her perfume in 2011 and is the lead model for the parent company of Murdercap Records’ clothing line. Michelle is set to play lead cheerleader in the controversial label’s music video paying homage to all things football, as she joins the game in becoming a legend of the fall. Michelle’s top dream as a model is to work the runway in the city with a name resembles her own. Michelle is sure to be on anyone’s top ten list of most beautiful women on the planet upon her global debut in the commercial “Chinn Chekk.” Look for Michelle to have her acting debut in the music video with the same title in December. Michelle is sure to cement herself as THE next generation’s model of the future-NOW.


Jerome Almon
MC Entertainment
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