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Pittsburgh, PA—A woman accused of injecting herself with medication intended for her sick son Sunday, Oct. 31 was arrested by Pittsburgh police. The mother, who was charged with “possession of a controlled substance and endangering the welfare of children,” was detained on $75,000 bail at Allegheny County Jail, as reported by the Pittsburgh Chanel.

According to information provided, 42-year-old Karen Remsing disconnected the computerized intravenous injection tube that was providing her ill son with drugs at Children’s Hospital.

Remsing then allegedly filled several hypodermic needles, which she stole from a hospital supply cart, with a sedative that was in her son’s IV. She subsequently went on to inject herself with the medication.

Hospital personnel apparently contacted authorities upon discovering syringes and blood on the counter, along with Remsing passed out on a couch in the hospital room. Reports indicated the Pittsburgh woman attempted to reattach the IV tube to the machine but failed to do so adequately.

A potentially lethal air bubble reportedly formed in the line as well, but luckily did not enter the 15-year-old boy’s body. Hospital staff reconnected the IV appropriately.

Remsing’s distraught husband described his wife as a compassionate woman who worked as an out of state nurse to pay for her chronically ill son’s medical bills.

However, Remsing told police she took her son’s medication because she was tired after going two days without sleep. She also alleged she suffered from depression and was a recovering drug addict.

Remsing was banned from Children’s Hospital and faces trespassing charges if she enters the property.

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