Dallas, Texas – A Dallas father left his injured children behind alone after crashing his vehicle, and running from the scene of the accident. According to a CBS 11 News report, the man left two of his young children in his SUV and a third child lying in the street after crashing into a telephone poll, and leaving the scene to drive to a park nearby. The man then reportedly took the youngest of his four children who were in the vehicle, an 11 month old baby and ran on foot to his mother-in-law’s house before leaving the baby there and fleeing again. Police were searching for the man at the time of the report. The oldest of the four children, a nine-year-old boy, was stated to have told officials that his father had been drinking prior to the crash.

The children were reportedly taken to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas to be treated for their injuries. The man is expected to be charged with Injury to a Child and Child Abandonment for his actions.

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