/EINPresswire.com/ Minneapolis, MN, November 17, 2010 – Verisae, the global leader in Sustainability Resource Planning (“SRP”) has been listed in another global industry analyst report. In the “Green Quadrant(R) Carbon and Energy Management Software 2010″ report Verdantix researched and recognized Verisae’s carbon and energy management solution capabilities. In the report, Verisae is highlighted as one of the leaders in the market with significant momentum, strong capabilities, and a solid global presence.

In the report, Verdantix stated that organizations that are responsible for energy management and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reporting need to switch from Microsoft Excel-based management to a more robust and auditable carbon management software solution. They created the Green Quadrant report to provide organizations with in-depth analysis of carbon and energy management software solutions. To prepare, Verdantix interviewed software companies, software customers, and participated in live product demonstrations and compared suppliers by their capabilities in several categories.

“Based on the insights from our customer panel and our in-depth interviews we define carbon and energy management software as: Software designed to help individuals responsible for carbon and energy management to collect, store, audit, report, analyze, and forecast carbon emissions and energy consumption data to meet business objectives such as planning, reduction, budgeting, compliance and trading,” says David Metcalfe, Verdantix Director. “Customers today are looking for solutions that demonstrate value and a return on investment. Verisae has shown they have the functionality to help organizations achieve these objectives.”

In the report, Verisae was highlighted as a leading provider with strong enterprise data capture, supply chain data capture, master data management, carbon emissions, energy management, internationalization, data security, reporting, and dashboard capabilities. Additionally, the report noted that, as a company, Verisae has a “best in class” score for customer momentum.

“We are pleased to offer sustainability software solutions that fulfill the evolving demands of sustainable business strategies,” said Jim Peterson, executive vice president of operations for Verisae. “Our SRP Platform approach continues to deliver a strong return on investment for our customers and a growing number of industry analysts are taking note of its ability to improve operational efficiency and provide real-time energy management.”

Verisae’s sustainability platform ties energy, asset, and environmental data together so that organizations can manage the full range of their operations. When energy and asset data are correlated, operations can be managed in real-time and results can be extrapolated to determine the true environmental impact.

About Verisae

Verisae (http://www.verisae.com/pr) helps measure, manage and reduce equipment and energy costs including the related business and environmental impacts of carbon emissions. The Sustainability Resource Planning (“SRP”) platform improves operational efficiency, protects brand integrity, and helps ensure regulatory compliance for distributed enterprises across many industries. Verisae delivers a broad range of sustainability solutions to over 45 clients globally with more than 65,000 daily users including a network of more than 7,500 third-party suppliers. Verisae’s integrated sustainability platform actively tracks over 2.5 million assets across more than 20,000 sites worldwide.