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Lodi, OH—A teenager who allegedly placed a cat named Tigger in a hot oven faces potential animal cruelty charges in connection with the incident. The owner of the cat contends he returned to his girlfriend’s home, the teen’s mother, where he found his cat with burnt paws, as reported by WJW on November 7, 2010.

According to Charles Garnett, Tigger’s owner, he went to his girlfriend’s apartment, located along North Prospect Street, to pick her up for a date last Saturday. Garnett left his cat with his girlfriend’s 18-year-old son.

Initially, Garnett explained, “She (Garnett’s girlfriend) says something very bad happened to him, but she hadn’t figured out what happened.” Before long, however, “She found cat hair in the oven and discovered that his paws were burnt. That’s how I found out that her son threw him in the oven.”

Lodi police chief Keith Keough alleged, “When the guy went and picked up his cat, he found out that there had been injuries to the cat, put two and two together, and figured something happened at the house.”

“The officer went and talked to the 18-year-old. He did not admit to injuring the cat, however, he did admit to having the cat during that period of time when the cat was injured… The only thing that we’ve been able to determine was that the 18-year-old was upset with his mother’s boyfriend, specifically,” Keough added.

While the teen apparently claimed he found Tigger injured after the cat, along with his mother’s cat, escaped from the apartment, police did not appear to believe his story. Keough maintained the police department had yet to determine why the teen was angry with his mother’s boyfriend.

Garnett noted, “He said it was revenge for what Tigger done to their cat, and he doesn’t like the way I speak to his mom.”

Tigger was apparently on medication and healing from the burns he sustained during the malicious incident.

The Medina County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is investigating the episode.

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